Menopause Doula

Training Course

Learn to Guide, nurture and support others

For holistic health professionals.
Choose between a one off payment of £560 or four monthly payments of £160


The Framework

A fast and effective way for holistic practitioners to transform the menstrual health experience for those they serve.
  • Study time: ~ 25 hours (self-paced & guided)

  • Assessment: Quizzes and Case Studies

  • Q & A: LIVE Coaching and Hot Seats

  • Suitable for: Holistic Therapists, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Wellness Practitioners

  • Templates: Client resources and Presentation Slides

  • Accredited: Insurable on completion

Tools & Resources

Menopause Mapping - Journal and Tracker; Confident Healthcare Conversations; The Menstrual Health Timeline; Menstrual Health Made Easy (audio series); The Menopause Support System Questionnaire; The Story of Menopause, Menopause Circle Framework.

Plus Postgraduate support

Lifetime access to not only the content but everyone in the community too.

Once you are accredited you are a part of The Menopause School family.


Payment options

Choose between a one off payment of £560 or four monthly payments of £160

Our Method

This course will take your knowledge and understanding of menopause health to a place that is very different from other courses.

Before we can support people we need to educate them

You can’t manage what you don’t understand.

We give you tools to teach others about menstrual and menopause health.

Once they have the information they need guidance

People who menstruate have never had a lesson on what it means to their health and well-being to have a physiology that works in a special kind of way. We give you a method to follow and resources to make that possible.

Ongoing support may be short bursts of time and information or something quite different.

As each person's experience on the menstrual health timeline is different, so is the support they need.

We give you a framework to continue inspiring them to take their next best step.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

What is a Menopause Doula?

A Menopause Doula is someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide nurture and support others along the menstrual health timeline - read more here

What is the syllabus?

16 Lessons covering Creating Conversations, The Menopause Support System Questionnaire, Specific Symptom Relief, Advanced Complementary & Lifestyle options and Prescribed Treatments. Grab a copy of the course overview HERE

What is the learning format?

The content is composed of class notes, downloads, videos, and LIVE Coaching Calls and Hot Seat mentoring. Download the Learning Outcomes here

What are the assessments?

Levels 1 and 2 contain quizzes that you must pass before reaching Level 3.

We require completion of x5 Case Studies. Two will completed as part of the coaching and mentoring live sessions and the final three will be marked by the course tutors. A pass mark of 16/20 is required for each.

Attendance of the LIVE sessions are preferred. The dates and times are issued 8 weeks in advance and every effort is made to fit best with the cohort across different time zones. If for any reason you cannot attend we will seek out a different way for you to receive the mentoring for the Case Studies prior to submission.

How long does the course take to complete?

Level 1 ~ 4 hours; Level 2 ~ 8 hours; Level 3 ~ we have a predicted study time of 12 hours. You will gain accreditation for each Level as you pass through. On successful completion and receipt of a pass mark on all Case Studies you will receive an award from The Menopause School as accredited to Level 3 - Menopause Doula.

Who is this course suitable for?

Professionals who want to have an higher level accredited qualification to enable them to work on a more supportive level with clients and people they serve. You may already have some great knowledge, and an existing modality but it would be much more interesting if you could study with a team of like-minded educators and practitioners.

What templates do you include?

You will have access to the complete slide deck for The Story of Menopause, the Menopause Tool Kit , slide deck for Menopause Workshops, The Menopause School Menopause Journal and Tracker to share with those you support. In addition the Menopause Support System Questionnaire and Action Planner, and Menopause Circle Framework (a new online menopause support session)

How long can I access the Community?

The Community is free to access for anyone who has enrolled in The Menopause School, for as long as you wish. Experience tells us that being in this wellness area is often much harder to succeed in that you may believe. As such our door is always open to support you in helping those you serve.

What happens after payment?

On completion of payment you will be taken directly to the 3 Levels and you can get started right away. We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that we, or the content, are not the right fit for you, please email [email protected]

What our Students say

Candi Williams Tarling

Fiona's language made it accessible, her knowledge made it fascinating and her personal experience made it real. I was in awe.


Karise Berry

I appreciated the whole workshop experience. I feel empowered to not only support patients but also gain more awareness of my menstrual health.


Ewa Dubiel

Thank you for this journey especially with you, for your guidance, for providing tips, and for little pushes when it was needed. You are a great leader.



Our Mission

Menstrual Health, a fundamental part of our biology continues to be a second-class citizen in the eyes of educational establishments the world over. Our graduates will advocate for and empower others with the relevant and meaningful knowledge needed to make an informed choice on hormone health, from womb to tomb.